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There are many medical podcasts broadcasting from Australia, and listeners can join in on the conversation online. Listeners can listen to interviews and the most updated information on health-related matters and concerns in the country.

Annals on Call

In each issue, Doctor Bob Sentor discusses a clinically significant article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine with a guest expert. These experts discuss all the valid points in the articles and where they may be room for improvement.

Australian Prescriber

Dive into some of the many great articles published by the Australian Prescriber. Each episode involves a conversation with the author of the latest issue of the Australian Prescriber. Find some inspiring health-related articles here.

The Black Dog Institute

This podcast gives expert insights to health practitioners. Each episode addresses an important topic of mental health and provides expert insight and knowledge from and for health professionals.

The Communiques Podcast

Presenting an explanation for early preventable death due to the completion of a coroner court death investigation, what happened, why, and to prevent a recurrence. The host talks about how to take legal action when a doctor commits negligence.

Key Literature in Medical Education

A weekly podcast produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The show provides a 30-minute summary of the main points of a medical education article and shares insights with the audience. These articles being discussed have all been peer-reviewed.

Purple Pen Podcast

An in-depth discussion about clinical pharmacy in Australia. Each episode is an interview with someone interesting – a mix of clinical and practice topics. The podcast is aimed at Australian clinical pharmacists, but many of the topics have broad appeal. Health practitioners and other people in the medical field will benefit from these conversations,

These podcasts will keep you entertained and informed about health issues across communities in Australia.

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